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The specific unit we reviewed was the Swatch SURN101 touch rubber unisex which is the United Kingdom 3-pin-plug model. Although we haven’t carried out our tests on the smaller, 40-inch Samsung UE40F7000 nor the bigger 55-inch UE55F7000, there shouldn’t be any drastic difference in picture quality (except perhaps 3D immersiveness due to different screen sizes) given similar specifications within the F7000 series.

For starters, the bezel looks impossibly slim from the front, successfully creating the illusion that the screen’s larger than it actually is. Inspected from the top and sides, the bezel extends around 2mm deep, and sports a brushed metallic finish which complements that of the TV stand’s rectangular base. Just like the Series 8 LED, a press-to-pop-up camera is embedded along the top of the television.

Swatch SURN101 touch rubber unisex, overall gamma in [Movie Mode] tracked closer to 2.2 – this seems to be the target every TV manufacturer is aiming for – than 2.4 which has been decreed by ITU as the reference electro-optical transfer function (EOTF) for flat-panel HDTVs used for studio mastering in a dark room.

Swatch SURN101 touch rubber unisex
On our Swatch SURN101 touch rubber unisex review unit, [Colour Space] “Auto” yielded reasonably accurate chromaticities at 100% saturation, but sub-100% saturation tracking points ran relatively hot (i.e. they appeared more saturated than they should be) across all six primary and secondary colours. To rectify this, we dialled down the global [Colour] control, aiming to place the 75%, 50% and 25% saturation points as close as possible to their reference coordinates.